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I am new to the forum but have been using Chief for years but not every day and my memory sucks. I’m using Chief X10 now. I have a 30’ x 40’ building with a 10’ Porch on the 40’ side. I want to keep the gable centered over the 30’ span with a 4/12 pitch and put a shed roof over the 10’ Porch with a 1.5 to 2/12 pitch. I know I’ve done this before but can’t seem to make it work.

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You can do that automatically by using the roof directives in the wall dbx's.

In the Roof panel of the rear wall dbx, set the Roof Options to Hip Wall and 4/12 pitch.

Set the side walls of the main and porch to Full Gable.

On the front wall of the porch, set the pitch to 2/12.

Check Upper Pitch and set it to 4/12.

Then use Starts At Height or In From Baseline to locate the join between the 2 roofs.

Auto build roofs. 

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