Line control and display of a CAD detail


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Hi, I'm familiar with controlling display and line weights, etc in a Plan view by using "Active Layer Set Control" and "Active Annotation Set Control" ( I'm not that confident, but I can get it to work....).


However, I'm now wanting to draw some CAD details and put them into my Layout. I want to draw these details from scratch.


I go to CAD/CAD Detail Management/New and get a new window that I can rename and draw the details onto. However, the menu bar for the  doesn't display the same "Active Layer Set Control" and Active Annotation Set Control" options to allow me to control the line weights, etc of my details. (See attached pictures).  




What am I missing here?  I suspect its something very obvious.....


Is there a way to get those options onto the menu bar or is there another way to control the line weights in CAD detail? 

FYI the Plan view goes to Layout at 1:100 scale and the Details will be 1:20 and 1:10 (sorry for the metric units)






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Thanks Chopsaw, that was it.

At some stage I must have changed the Toolbar to "Extended Tool Configuration" and those options disappeared.  I've changed back to Default and got them back on the menu. Thanks again, Ross


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