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  1. Thanks Eric. Yes, it works exactly the same as SHIFT/Select/Deselect used too, but now using COMMAND/Select/deselect. COMMAND might be specific to a Mac? I shall retrain my brain... I am now seeing previous answers to this (including yours). I did a search before posting but none of these came up... wrong search terms, obviously. Thanks again Ross
  2. Hi All When "group selecting" a number of items, I use Shift/Select as usual to click on each item to select it. If I accidentally select an object that I don't want to be included in the group, I used to click on it again while holding down the Shift key, and it would be deselected. This no longer works for me? I'm sure this will be an easy answer... but what am I doing wrong? Relevant information, possibly: X11 (latest update) MacBook Pro, mid, 2014. Thanks Ross
  3. Thanks Chopsaw, that was it. At some stage I must have changed the Toolbar to "Extended Tool Configuration" and those options disappeared. I've changed back to Default and got them back on the menu. Thanks again, Ross
  4. Hi, I'm familiar with controlling display and line weights, etc in a Plan view by using "Active Layer Set Control" and "Active Annotation Set Control" ( I'm not that confident, but I can get it to work....). However, I'm now wanting to draw some CAD details and put them into my Layout. I want to draw these details from scratch. I go to CAD/CAD Detail Management/New and get a new window that I can rename and draw the details onto. However, the menu bar for the doesn't display the same "Active Layer Set Control" and Active Annotation Set Control" options to allow me to control the line weights, etc of my details. (See attached pictures). What am I missing here? I suspect its something very obvious..... Is there a way to get those options onto the menu bar or is there another way to control the line weights in CAD detail? FYI the Plan view goes to Layout at 1:100 scale and the Details will be 1:20 and 1:10 (sorry for the metric units) Thanks Ross X9
  5. Hi Mick, I don't think its a firewall issue. I use a MacBook and as far as I know anyway, there isn't a firewall. I don't use any virus checkers? Its interesting that its occurring across platforms. Sherry uses Windows and I'm using Mac. So far, no further message but early days. Cheers Ross
  6. Support have replied with the suggestion to deactivate the licence, then reactivate using the product key. I've done this but will need to wait a while to see if this fixes the issue or if the message pops up again. It was only popping up every week or so... maybe longer. I just used to ignore it until it said the program would terminate in a few days time. Hopefully this fixes it. Cheers, Ross
  7. Likewise with the message.... I've just sent a message to Support to try to sort it out. I have a good strength WiFi connection to my laptop (Macbook) and the house modem is on all the time so the laptop is connected always to the internet. The message says that I "must connect this computer to the internet prior to Thur Apr 12 21:28:01 2018 (i.e., in 6 days time). If these operations are not performed, this program will terminate and this software may require re-registration". Cheers Ross
  8. Tim, I've had this issue as well and spent time trying to get a perspective view to show the correct shadows. Basically I've found that after I've made a north point and set a time to see the shadows, I need to close the old 3D perspective view and generate a new view. Once Ive done that, the shadows are correct. This only needs to be done once. Any further change to the time of day will change the shadows correctly in the 3D view. Cheers, Ross
  9. OK, thanks everyone who answered, I'll go with the BENQ monitor. Regards Ross
  10. Hi Chopsaw, I thought about the wider 21:9 screen ratio. The benefit of that would be that this monitor will be shared by my partner who looks at documents rather than drawings and it would suit her to look at several pages side by side. I can't get my head around the idea of a curved screen.... maybe too long looking at a flat drawing board in the past. Mick, that is a good suggestion and link. There is the Benq monitor at $499 as you say. Its a demo model but that doesn't worry me too much. New price for new for BENQ BL 3200PT 32" seems to be about AU$700 to AU$800. Cheers Ross
  11. Hi All Some quick advice. I've been using my 15 inch Macbook Pro as my primary workhorse for two years and putting up with the small screen, but now want to buy a larger monitor to use with it. I'm looking at a LG 31.5" MP58 Full HD IPS Monitor. Here is a link. American readers, look and gasp at the Australian price:) I'm not a gamer, am not fussed about 100% colour rendering, don't do much ray-tracing in CA, and don't plan to watch TV or DVD's on it. This monitor has 5 or 6ms refresh rate (I recall this was pretty good a few years ago?... maybe showing my age) and a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. I reckon it will do the job for me, but before I make the purchase, any comments or advice? Should I look at something else for the price? I've added a picture of the system specs, including graphics card...... Cheers Ross
  12. Glenn.. I thought it was a main layer issue but wasn't familiar with the new dbx display and how to change the items in it. Thanks Ross
  13. Griffin, Chopsaw, thanks for the replies. Griffin, the Reverse Layers button isn't what I'm after for this job as it puts the brick on the outside (i.e., conventional rick veneer, not reverse BV). Chopsaw, that worked... thanks, I didn't know about that icon or what it can do. It looks right in 3D as well so this is a good solution. I thought it was something to do with setting the "main layer" in some way.... but couldn't see anything there. Thanks again Ross
  14. Hi All I'm getting back into using CA after an absence, and having trouble with what is probably a simple problem.... I'm using X8 for this plan. The exterior walls are reverse brick veneer (timber framing and cladding on the outside, brick wall on the inside). The interior walls are timber framed. Where an interior wall meets an exterior wall, I want the timber frame to stop at the interior face of the brick. What is displaying is as per the pictures. The timber frame wall goes through the brick wall to meet the external timber frame. I've got a feeling its an easy fix, but just can't find it!! Many thanks Ross PS Pictures and test plan attached . Reverse Brick Veneer Test