Move terrain to another floor level? Polyline solids?


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Can anyone tell me if you can move the terrain to another floor level?  I drew it on the main floor plan, but would really rather show it on the basement (walk-out) floor plan.  Also, I'm having a similar issue with polyline solids... Can they be moved to another floor level without copy/paste?  I love how the roof planes can be moved to a different plan level that way.


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I've found only one way works smoothly for terrain:

  1. Make a note of your terrain "building pad" elevation.
  2. Modify your layerset so that everything is locked except terrain related item.  Terrain related items should be both displayed and unlocked.  Those will be:
    • Terrain perimeter, regions etc
    • Plants
    • Roads, drives, sidewalks,
  3. Use Marquee select to grab all of those, Ctrl-X to put on your clipboard
  4. Go to the other level.
  5. Ctrl-Alt-V to paste-hold.
  6. It will not paste your terrain itself. (Terrain Perimeter).  Make a new one and assign it that Building Pad elevation that you wrote down in step 1.

We do this move quite often, usually when moving it to basement so retaining walls that attach to the house foundation don't look stupid in plan view.


For polyline solids and such - cut and paste-hold.  There is no "display on floor above/below" like with roofs.  They do hold their vertical position nicely - no need to fuss there. 

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