Fireplace Not Showing in Elevation


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Hello everyone,


This is an old file. We did a few designs for them about 1.5 years ago, and now they came back for a downsized scope. I was new to Chief when we started this project. So not sure if their is a setting that is messing this up or what.


In elevation view, the fireplaces does not show (E10). It is on a layer I have set as active. I've tried changing the walls to No Room Definition or No Locate. The No Room Definition helps in that the fireplace is then visible in the Elevation View. However, the rest of the walls are messed up.


Attached is file and photos. 

Coulter_Addition &

Capture_CA FP Not Showing.PNG

Capture_CA FP Shows with Wall Issues.PNG

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If you are using a Wall Elevation Camera it will by default exclude the fireplace which is in a separate room from the viewpoint of that camera type, what I would use is a full elevation/cross section camera that will by default include the room and the fireplace.


I am busy and I have NOT looked at your plan (thanks for sharing) but that is my opinion on what you might be seeing.



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