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Does anyone know how to draw these parapet eaves? They are not common here and I've only seen them used in one estate. If anyone has a cross-section drafted drawing of them, I'd love to have a look. Do they use a box gutter (big No-No in this area)? 


If I use a soffit block, for some reason they don't touch and half the soffit block disappears. I've noticed this with using them as posts. If anyone can explain this, let me know. 

parapet eave 2.png

parapet eave.png

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Most Roofs in N.Amer. with a Parapet are Flat roofs and the Roof drains to it's own downpipes ( and scuppers) not to internal gutters, personally I have not seen these "fake" Parapets with a normal sloped roof behind them in your 2nd pic.


I am not sure what you are calling a Soffit block or how you are using it , so can't really say why you are getting a gap, but I would of thought a normal wall could be used to do the Parapet?


have a look at this KB Article....

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