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  1. OnlineBuilder

    Balustrade Glitch?

    I don't have the 'panels' option. Is there another setting that opens this?
  2. OnlineBuilder

    Post showing against wall by default

    Thanks. I can't believe I've been staring at it all this time and never thought to check it.
  3. OnlineBuilder

    Anyone got any nice Bump / Normal Maps?

    I tried Unreal Engine. You can make your own but its really really complicated. The results are awesome though.
  4. OnlineBuilder

    Converting Collada DAE files to FBX - not working

    It happened again, so the process happened again. This time I had downloaded a rug from 3D Warehouse. It was fine, but when I shrunk it and used it as a placemat it did the same thing. All fixed now though. But some of those 3D Warehouse models don't react well to FBX conversion when modified.
  5. I've got a few nice ones. But Im after some good grass ones and siding for wide boards. Also, does anyone know how to modify a Normal Map? I'm trying to stretch the weatherboard N to make the boards look wider, but modifying the shape doesn't have any effect. I'm using a very wide board (James Hardie Stria) but all the bump maps are made for very skinny boards.
  6. OnlineBuilder

    Post showing against wall by default

    Does anyone know how to stop this post showing by by default? I can cut the balustrade and unselect 'full height post' for that area, but it throws out the spacings. Also, whenever I have a set of stairs against the balustrade, it automatically spaces the posts. How to I stop it from doing this? Its helpful at times, but sometimes I don't want the stairs to affect the posts.
  7. OnlineBuilder

    Parapet Eave and Soffit Block Tool

    Does anyone know how to draw these parapet eaves? They are not common here and I've only seen them used in one estate. If anyone has a cross-section drafted drawing of them, I'd love to have a look. Do they use a box gutter (big No-No in this area)? If I use a soffit block, for some reason they don't touch and half the soffit block disappears. I've noticed this with using them as posts. If anyone can explain this, let me know.
  8. OnlineBuilder

    Converting Collada DAE files to FBX - not working

    Solved! So I went through and changed all the imported images to the standard ones - still didn't work. Then I went through and deleted each item, then exported to DAE, and converted the file, which took a loooooooong time. Finally discovered that it was a dodgy shower head that I had downloaded from Sketchup Warehouse. Now it converts in seconds.
  9. OnlineBuilder

    Converting Collada DAE files to FBX - not working

    I don't know if I've downloaded a old version, but mine says 2013. I downloaded it from here: When I Googled about it, the screenshots show a 2016 version, but I cant find that version anywhere. Dropbox file:
  10. OnlineBuilder

    Converting Collada DAE files to FBX - not working

    Im converting from dae to fbx to use in Simlab. I can import 3Ds but most of the materials don't work. For some reason this file is not converting. I've turned off light sources, paths, driveways etc. I can't see why this is not working
  11. OnlineBuilder

    Converting Collada DAE files to FBX - not working

    Im using Autodesk FBX converter. But it randomly won't convert some files. This is the one Im trying to convert. Can anyone else get it working? 3Ds works, but I lose a lot of detail (trees, paths etc)
  12. Im exporting my CA models to DAE, then converting them on Autodesk FBX converter on a Windows laptop. For some reason, the odd plan does not convert saying "not enough parameters". Its a pain because I can't start them again. I did some Googling and one solution was to convert the CA file to an obj, which you can't (Strange). Does anyone know why it is doing this? Is there another converter that works?
  13. OnlineBuilder

    Rendering in Simlab

    Anyone using Simlab? The videos show a frame rate of around 2.5 fps. My fps rate is 0.05-0.1 fps. I exported from CA to DAE, then to FBX. Everything seems smooth and I am using a fast computer, but the rendering time is extremely slow.
  14. OnlineBuilder

    Deck Edge Not Working

    Perfect. I just had to modify the decking image to sit perfectly. I've attached the settings for anyone else trying it.
  15. OnlineBuilder

    Balustrade Glitch?

    Has anyone had this? When you change your balustrade on the stairs from timber to wire or posts it goes the wrong way? How do you fix this?