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You don't say what version you're using-please fill out your signature which makes it easier to help.

IF you are using X10 AND send a plan with plan view set to "None" you can change the layout box layerset. You can also change the layout box layerset for elevations and it works pretty well. OTOH IMO the easiest way to deal with plans in X10 is to use Plan Views.

In prior versions you can change the layout box layerset for plans but it gets weird at time doing that for elevations views so I don't go there.

I posted a short bit on Plan views recently


There is a bit more to layouts than just that though so you may want to read up on them.

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    • By TimelessJohn
      Hi There,
      New to Chief, my question is when creating a solarium or anything else like a timber frame pergola which takes a fair amount of work!
      Would it be best to import as an Template or Create a Layer Set? 
      Any advice would be appreciated,
    • By ChiefuserMathews
      Could someone please explain to me how this default set work with saved plan view? I have been watching the videos and reading the help files over and over again last 2 weeks and I am still confused. My issues are follows
      1. I have a saved a plan view called "Floor Plan View" and I have a 1/4" scale default set attached to it. with layer set as "Floor Plan Layer Set". Under the selected defaults "Dimensions I have 1/4" scale dimension defaults and I have changed "edit dimension default" (pencil icon) and changed the layer to dimension, floor, Rich Text to text floor etc.
      2. Now I want to use the same "1/4" scale default set" for my ceiling plan under the "Saved Plan View" in the project browser. Now when I add a dimension or text to the ceiling plan I get warning "the layer text, floor" is not displayed. do you want to turn on the display of this layer in the current view?" If I say yes it will turn on that layer and what ever I dimension or text i have added on the floor plan will appear in the ceiling plan which I don't want. I know I can change the layer but that defeats the purpose and will be time consuming
      Does that means I can use the 1/4" scale only once? Is that I am doing something wrong? I cannot explain anything better than these. It driving me crazy and confusing.
      3. If I use the electrical or NKBA default set how would I know which scale factor is used for the dimension or text style? Or does the layout page adjust dimension text and text according to scale factor?
    • By LeeDrafter
      I am having an issue with layer sets for elevation views not showing correctly on layout. I am trying to accomplish a one page layout with live (color) views of different versions on one elevation. I want four versions of the same elevation on one page.
      I made layers for window shutters and corbels. For the default elevation layer set "section view set" I turned on shutters. Then I made a new layer set, a copy of "section view set" but renamed it "Elev B-Corbels" and turned off the shutters and turned corbels on. I sent two elevations to layout, one from each layer set. 
      Then I saved the same plan as a new name to change the gable siding to shakes. (I don't think this can be done just by using layers, but if so please let me know). I made a new layer set called "Elev C-shakes" just for clarity even though a new layer is not needed because it is a totally new file. I turned off corbels and shutters and changed the gable siding to shakes.
      I saved a new plan for the stone option similar to what I did for the shakes option.
      The layout views don't seem to be keeping there association. For example, when I work on the original file on the "Elev B-corbels" layer, it changes the layout view for the "section view set" layer. And when I work on the separate files for the stone, it updates all the layout views as if they were all linked to that file.
      Another problem is even if the layout looks good on Chief, when I print to pdf, it has different layout views. 
      Is this a problem with having multiple files sent to the same layout? They are all saved in the same folder. Or is it a problem with making new layer sets for elevation views or using live views instead of plot line views?
      Thanks for your help.
      original plan, 2 elevation layer

      what prints.pdf
    • By JanHalter
      Hi there!  I have been searching for a bit, and attempted a few things to no avail.  Anyone have a step by step tutorial (or is it just not possible?) on how to at the very least import an existing title block from Revit or CAD to Chief?  I am far from proficient in Chief at this point and wondering if it's possible.   We want to make sure the title block matches our Revit sheets case we have to draw something in one program vs. another in the same CD set.
      I tried exporting to .dwf from Revit and importing into the layout page, however it doesn't allow me to import that file type into the main layout page.
      Also, am I blind? I can't figure out where to put my I just typed info below.
      Rafter P Construction
      Cheif ArchitectX10
    • By AE_Drafting
      I would like to find out if there is a way to have a different label for windows and doors based on different layer sets. I would like to use my window schedule (with labels) for my main floor plan layer set, but would like it if the headers were just auto-labeled on my wall framing plan with the header sizes. I can create a custom label that updates the header size per the window or door ((2) 2x%header_depth% Header), which I just put into my default window and door labels. However, I can only get one or the other to show up in both layer sets as I have to edit the object to tell it which label to display.