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  1. Thanks for some input here- I am trying to create a "multi approach" landing at the bottom of a stair run. When I attempt this, Chief forces a "joined angular" stair case....Which I could use in any other application than this one ; ). Could anyone please advise how I can limit Chief's auto build feature here and force the issue. Please see detailed attachment. Thanks Maximus
  2. Thanks for "Tool Bar Disappearance" solution.  Any idea why my Ctrl.X and Ctrl. V for copy paste are disabled now?  Thanks



  3. Can anybody tell me why all of the sudden my layout page doesn't show a toolbar anymore? I would love to change pages....
  4. Whala. Thanks so much. VERY helpful as you imagine ; )
  5. Hey There- I thought I remember hearing about/seeing a video tutorial once about a feature that allows me to quickly mirror a ceiling height onto another room in a structure? I suppose creating the structure height before I start cutting up the interior is the easiest solution in the future. But I am getting into as built scenarios where the existing structure has several different ceiling heights on the basement floor, and then a consistent height on other floors. Thanks
  6. Figured it out. Easy clicking and dragging....
  7. Thanks Joe- I have another issue: I want to create a specific order of the windows in the schedule that is not the same as Chief wants to arrange them out of the box. For instance, I have a window replacement plan that I am wanting to have as a working reference plan for my client and window installer. I want the windows to be numbered 1-7 going counter clockwise around the house. Right now, the windows as numbered randomly. I want to control the number of sequence that each window has. Any suggestions on how to control the window numbers? Thanks
  8. oops....Just figured it out. I was in the main objects window : ) What a rookie!!
  9. I am watching the tutorial on schedules right now and following the instructions for modifying information within the schedule itself. l have gone back to plan, highlighted the item (window), clicked on the components icon, and I am noticing that I can fill in information for manufacture etc. for exterior and interior trim, but not the window itself. The window line is also not letting me insert information for comments.... huh? Any body know why this would be locked and the trim lines open for filling in data? Thanks Most current version of chief
  10. Another question here: Am I able to change the layer sets on just the layout pages or do I have to send a bunch of different renderings of the same plan with different layer settings?
  11. Thanks for your response. I got it figured out. I think that the centering default is just responding different to CAD blocks than other items. I figured out how it is acting. Just seems a little more cumbersome...Or maybe that's me whining?? Maximus
  12. Thanks for the response. I just figured it out. Seems a little cumbersome, but it works. After selecting point to point measurement, I have around the edges of the deck footing and Chief starts to indicate the center of the square, on the outer edges of the footing, with little blue circles. Then, without clicking anything, I hover towards the inside of the square (deck footing) and it joins the two center points with an X. Again, in Home designer, you just hovered close to center and it bumped you there.....
  13. Noticing a difference from Home Designer when I switched to Chief that I am wondering if it is a setting issue? In Home Designer, when I hovered over a footing (say a deck footing), the program indicated where the center of the footing was. I am not seeing this in Chief. Anyone know what I am missing? Thanks maximus