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I want my decks to look like the decking runs down the side 2-3 planks. At the moment I am doing it manually each time, but it is having a glitch. 


What do they call this side part in CA (some US names are different to Australian). Does anyone know how I would set this up?


Im using X8

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.52.39 pm.png

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      I have designed a very large deck and the client wanted to take 2' off in one direction and another 3' in the other.  I have custom framed the deck framing per the engineer and don't want to change the framing.  The problem is that I need to rebuild the deck in order to not show the decking from overhanging the framing.  Is there a way to just rebuild the decking and not the framing of the deck itself. as you can from the rendering shown below you can see that the decking overhangs the decking.  Everytime I rebuild it it changes the framing per CA.

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      I am having trouble with getting my third floor deck supports to extend and connect with my first floor deck. There is no decking on the second floor (the second floor is essentially a half floor almost, I had to create it to be able to put a loft above a room on the first floor). I am pretty new to Chief, and have been able to figure a lot out on my own however, I am apprehensive about turning off the "automatic decking" (which the pop-up message told me I would have to do whenever I tried just extending one of the posts).
      To add-- I am an interior design student, this is for one of my final projects so, as much as I would like for the decking to be up to code, it isn't imperative, I mainly need the posts to extend all the way down so that I can place furniture accordingly, and also so that my elevations aren't wonky looking.
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      I did this project in Chief x11. I would appreciate any help in this apartment.
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