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I am just taking a poll to see how many chief users have opted to go with a curved 34" monitor as opposed to perhaps a larger normal ratio 31."

I personally think that having multiple windows of Chief open would seem to make more sense with the wide screen option.  I want to hear people that have one and if it was the right choice.





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    • By Ridge_Runner
      I am considering going to a TV for a monitor in addition to my 24" HP monitor. My existing HP runs at 1920x1200 native resolution thru a DVI connection. I could possibly go to a 4K TV but that may be overkill for me. My eyes are tired and don't work as good as they used to; I have been looking at monitors for many years. What would you guys suggest that you know works. I am mostly concerned with clear linework and text size/clarity on the new one. I believe Joe uses a 55" to keep his plan on and others, I guess, for his various views and menus. I know some of you may use just one TV with everything on it. I don't want to open Pandora's Box here with all of the variations but I am hesitant to go to a TV without some guidance from those who use them for Chief. I believe my 1070Ti card with 4gb will handle it OK. Any problems running a 1080P TV and a 1920x1200 monitor together? I guess the text clarity is my biggest concern, now that I think about it.
      TIA, Mike
    • By Renerabbitt
      Just sharing some of my go-to symbols as I sort through my own library...enjoy!

      LG Curved Monitor.calibz
    • By Boxon1
      Hi Guys,
      I am struggling with this problem whole day, and just can’t move forward.
      This is the problem:
      -I have monitor roof above cathedral ceiling room. File is attached.
      I solved general layout by adding 2nd floor, with roof cuts exterior walls at bottom. So, it looks good, but when it comes to framing, stuff hits the fan.
      I need framing to be perfectly accurate, or materials list, wall framing elevations, and everything else will go to town.
      Also, I can’t allow any risks with framing,  because this will be built in high wind and heavy snow area.
      Solution is to place really strong beam, like 5.5” by 12” or 18” below 2nd floor interior walls, and rest those on posts placed in Ist. floor  exterior wall frame (Attached file shows some insane y axis spans, never mind those, this is not a  actual project, but small mockup ).
      First floor roof will rest also on those beams using typ. Strongtie hangers, as should look (roughly) on section1.jpg. Problem is in manual framing – I need to position beam below 2nd floor wall.
      Since this is cathedral ceiling, I have to uncheck  “ceiling over this room ”, so I have hard time placing ceiling beam (or unidentified framing member) exactly on elevation that I need, because it is not pushing up monitor exterior wall.
      But what I get is section2.jpg - clearly, beam is too low, and this stuff cannot be connected. Roof cuts wall at the bottom, but bottom is too low.
      I can move this “framing member”,  as high as I want, but monitor wall will show incorrect framing – bottom plate will just overlap with beam, and, also, beam will show through the roof laterally left and right from monitor part of roof…
      What  I need is to move entire structure that “grows” above beam up, so wall frame rests on beam and roof rafters can be attached to that same beam, as in section1.jpg.
      If you pay attention to Persp. Framing overview with Vector view, you can see that bottom plate of the upper walls is like 9” below top of beam.
      At this moment I am wondering that maybe only solution is to place "framing member" totally below roof rafter, without cutting rafter lower edge, but another problem is how to set wall to extend down enough to rest on beam... This is actually the same problem, just reversed - setting elevation of bottom plate...
      Any ideas?
      monitor 1.zip