Creating an angled parapet wall over a CMU/brick veneer wall


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I am using an old version of X8 that I can't upgrade because it is my builder's old version.  I am trying to decide if I should purchase my own license of X10.  I have been using HD to create concept drawings of a church addition.  Now we need to create construction drawings and I wonder if Chief will be able to do what I need it to do...

The existing building and the addition both have a sloped steel roof and 18" parapet walls that follow the slope of the roof.  For my concept drawings I just drew a roof over the walls, for a visual representation.    

In Chief X10, would I be able to create sloped parapet walls with a steel cap on them?  There is no parapet at the front or the back walls, the sloped roof overhangs those walls by a few inches.  The addition and existing building would both need to do this.  I have not had trouble drawing parapet walls, it's just the slope that isn't working for me.

If it isn't possible to get Chief X10 to do this, I may have to do the construction drawings in AutoCAD...but I really don't want to!

If anyone has any experience with this, I'd appreciate it!  I can't find anything online regarding this issue.

The first two images are of the existing building, and the HD images are of the existing building in the back with the addition concept on the near side (showing my representation of the roofs).

Thank you!



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I believe Ray is correct , if you pull the Roof plane back to the inside of the exterior wall it may even popup on it's own? you should then be able to edit the Wall shape , pull it up , slope it, etc as needed, you may not need Chief at all to do that.


Best to post questions like this in the Q&A section, as this section is for providing Tips , not asking for one.....



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