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I am trying to figure out how to move and position my plot lines independent of the house plan. I have a couple layers that I would like to move all at once, rotating and whatever. I have a JPEG layer with an areal view and then a cad layer with the topo lines that I have traced, Ultimately I will make those topo lines into a terrain to so I will have those additional layers that I would like to move all at the same time. I want to keep the house square in front of me but I need to move the land around to get the house positioned better. Is there a way to select by layer and select everything on a few layers so I can move them around? I can make them all into a block but the I can't make the block go behind the footprint of the house so I can't see the house as I am positioning the land.

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After you've blocked everything you want to move, double-click the block to open the CAD Block Specification dialog box, and then set the Line Style>Drawing Group value to 38-Back. This should send everything within the block to the very back so you can see the house footprint as you position the block.

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