Layout issue and layer swhen sending plans to it

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Pergola Ceiling framing issue when sent to layout page from Pergola -Framing Layout set.

I send Working PLan View to layout sheet w/o pergola framing.

I send Pergola-Framing layer to layout sheet w, pergola framing and it automaticaly adds the framing to the working plan View floor plan. of layout. (How can I correct this issue). I put the 2x2's, 2x6's and 2x8's all on their own layer. Still cannot solve the isse. 


I would  appreciate any assistance with this issue.I was trying to get to client tomorrow for review.




Newell Cheatheam 
Chief Architec x10

Windows 10


Pergoala -Framing Layer

Floor plan.jpg

Pergoal -Framing Layer Set.jpg

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You can do this at least 2 ways.


1) When sending to Layout check this




You can edit the layers shown in a layout box here




2) Create a new layer set showing what you want to send to layout. These layers will be shown in the layout box.





I do not know which is the better method, or if there are other, better ways, but these should get you going for tomorrow.



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Newel - made a quick video for you regarding your views to layout and "Plan Views".  I'm not sure this is exactly the trouble you were having...but it might help either way...



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