Flat roof question


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    • By AET-Phil
      I would like someone to help me set up a flat roof on my plan.  There are three ceiling heights.  The flat trusses would be constant height - 4 ft.  So, there would be three respective roof heights, each separated with a parapet wall.  I then also need to get the wall framing and new roof framing to all be correct and show up properly.
      If the person that responds is qualified, I would also like to generate a framing plan.   I would like to get responses from anyone that is interested before sending my current plan.  But for now, I can send a picture of what the house looks like (minus the roof/truss system).
      Thank You.  Philip 

    • By Designer100
      1. I am having a problem getting this front entry porch to look right. need 18 in between btm and to top of roof. Also need the railing to set on it with posts on each corner. Cannot seem to get it to work. 
      2. is there a way to put 2 in dentals 6" o.c. on the fascia 2nd floor and first floor roof across the front down garage right side. Do I need to remove the gutters for this to happen? attached is picuture I am having issues with. 
      I would apprectiate any ones help.
      Newell Cheatheam
      x10 , windows 10

    • By SMC2992
      i am building this structure and cannot proceed further as i want to draw flat roof on sides and hop roof in the middle of the building with different height as mentioned, can any one help me in this
      MI room 2.plan