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  1. I am running Chief X8 , Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro3, 8GB Ram , i7 chip. CA has been buggy forever. It will just lock up when displaying Perspectives, or rotating them too quickly, or when switching from one layout page to another in layouts with more than maybe 20 pages. Layouts will constantly shrink perspectives when I return to a layout page and I have to resize again. Also the system will not print a pdf of many layout pages and I print in smaller chunks. My RAM checks out fine on the computer. I only draw what I build, so maybe 10 drawings per year. As such I don't want to buy a new computer or another new version of CA if it will not fix these issues. This is not specific to any single drawing, but it is more prevalent in large complex drawings. Is this normal in newer versions of CA or did a past version upgrade fix these issues if they were inherent in x8 or later/previous versions? Thank you, Todd P.
  2. Greetings, Is it possible to generate a framing member to display as a "valley rafter" or "valley plate" running 8x2 (flat ways) over the existing roof for the rafters to terminate upon where they sit on the old roof slope? This member may have a name but I don't know it. roof image 1.pdf
  3. Thank you. Do you know how I should address the 2 areas noted on the layout pdf?
  4. Alvarado plan 1-Layout.pdf
  5. Why does my layout pdf not show here?
  6. Alvarado plan 1-Layout.pdfAlvarado plan 1-Layout.pdfAlvarado plan 1-Layout.pdfGreetings, I am trying to draw an existing house as a rough plan so I can design a 2-story room addition attached to the back. The house is a 1940's construction over a basement with 2 crawl sections on the L&R ends. A 24x36 garage has been added recently. I currently have this as a 2-story house, with a one story garage even though there is a room space inside the garage trusses... I am not attaching my addition to the garage, nor detailing it, so I don't care. I do need to detail the house second floor hallway/ room connections/ layouts. Do I need to draw the existing second floor as an attic to the first floor and pop out a dormer to make this work? Thank you, TP I'm running X8 on a Surface Pro 3 with i7 chip Alvarado plan 1-Layout.pdf
  7. Kbird1: thanks for the reply. No, the 2 Layout boxes each point to a different plan file; their just identical now. It's just when I change one plan.. the other changes with it. That would be convenient if I wanted to make identical changes across multiple files.. but in this case it stinks. Yes, autosave is on, but when I reloaded my back up file with the one I needed... it re-wrote the other file as well so I ended up still with one plan. I should have renamed one of the files and moved it into a different directory before I opened the backup, but I didn't realize what was going on. At this point I'll just rename one of them something different and then save it and reboot my machine... then edit it.
  8. Greetings, So I have a remodel I am attempting to draw of a old house with a 4 square Gambrel second floor. No easy task, so the owner wants me to fit 4 bedrooms and 2 baths up there, but I am giving him options for 4 and just 3. With the upstairs Within the gambrel (not under it) the 4 corners are useless so space is tight. I thankfully will not have to ever draw the roof.. I think. So I drew the 4 bdr version and pushed to Layout page with first floor views etc. All is good. ... then I Saved As.. three bedroom version plan file, altered the second floor to only be 3 bedrooms, pushed to (same) Layout so both the 3 bdr and 4 bdr floor plans are side by side. looks great ..got them labeled, print to pdf and...crap the layout has two 3 bdr floor plans side by side. I go look at the Layout and it now shows the same... I pulled back up my original 4 bedroom plan file and it too was altered to become 3 bedrooms. what the heck? So Idiot me.. I restore a back up of my 4 bedroom file and perfect.. it is now a 4 bedroom file again. So I go to get my Layout and BOTH of the plan views are 4 bedrooms... and of course both plan files are now 4 bedrooms again. and There are no .bak backup files with the 3 bedroom layout!!! &^^%#$!&@%%!!! and $%##$*!! Is there any way to recover from one of the UNDO files Chief writes as it lays down its trail of bread crumbs? there seem to be many of those. And I wonder if this has happened to anyone else? I used to have similar issues with Microsoft Access doing unwanted (system-wide) blanket changes to multiple databases at once back in Windows XP, and apparently it was a cache problem if you had files which began with the same name like pumpkin1.mdb pumpkin2.mdb pumpkinspice.mdb pumpkinseeds.mdb, etc... Thanks for any help, TP
  9. Greetings, I am struggling with finding a good method for entering Overhead Garage Doors. I have a garage foundation that will be 2 blocks above the slab. I want to have a 2x6 run down to the slab inside of the framed opening to facilitate attachment of the OHD trim moulding. What would be good settings for the "Add for Concrete Cutout" … and "Has Jamb" settings? And Should the "Inside Trim" be the 2x6 frame for railing attachment? Thanks, TP
  10. Thank you, Solver! I would not have guessed that. thx, TP
  11. Hi Joe, Thanks for the reply. When I try to assign a 0.0 pitch, Chief makes it 1/4". Is there a way to make it a true zero? I checked Defaults and it will still change to 1/4". thx, TP
  12. Greetings, does anyone have suggestions on best method to build a flat roof on a garage? Should I just use a floor system or can I build a zero pitched roof system? Thank you, TP
  13. Glennw, thank you.. yes that was it. Must have been in Defaults. I just used the straight rail to build the deck function for the first time.
  14. Sorry, I thought I put that in... it's in my in my profile... how might one get that in a signature?