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I've created a plan for 55'x60' building - basic a-frame (was supposed to be a metal building  - but thats a long story)  - so hopefully quick to build (we will be living in our camping trailer until then).  We are ready to get it submitted for a building permit but while I love architecture, I've not been licensed and the county requires a licensed professional engineer or architect to check calculations and sign and stamp it.  Is there anyone in this forum who is a licensed architect that I can pay to work with me on finishing this up.  Maybe take a look and see?  I'm not sure how best to go about this but I think finding someone that knows this program will be able to edit or get the calculations needed the fastest.  We have all our civil engineering and geotech plans and the first floor is garage and workshop with just 1 powder room so the plan is just for a slab.  


I'm in Snohomish county, Washington, if that matters.   Thank you for your help

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