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Needed - Onsite K&B Training in Mass

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We are a Kitchen & Bath Dealer in Carver, Ma looking for someone to come train our designer onsite to use CA. We have a training room w/ projector. We only have our 1 license for Premiere. Presenters that have 2020 expr is a huge plus. Not so much looking to get out of the training deigning of K&B's, but we are looking to focus on the K&B Presentations and using the program for K&B.


Looking to get out of the training;


Better ease while working on floorplans

Any Timesaving tips 

ease of use w/ elevations

Showing dimensions that are pertinent

Electrical/lighting plans

Tile plans

Plumbing plans


Cabinetry tips and tricks

Any remodeling tips and tricks

As-Built plans / Old floor plan to new floorplan

Rendering tips and tricks 


Looking for onsite training probably 1 day session to start preferably during the week, 6 - 8 hours then more as needed in the following weeks after first session. Please email w/ quotes a little about your exp. w/ CA and availability. We will provide lunch. 

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maybe contact CA's sales dept for them to do the training ?



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3 hours ago, Southcoast247 said:

looking for someone to come train our designer onsite to use CA.

I do some training but don't promote it. For myself and the employees that I've trained, we all took initial classes from Chief. I can do a train the system that I've used as a KB dealer for some years now. That is 3 days (maybe could work it into 2)  with a couple of on line follow ups AND requires that you have a solid foundation in the program first. IT also requires that you implement it immediately.


You might consider sending them to the upcoming Chief Academy in Idaho. Cost would likely be comparable to what I  would end up charging (if careful about accommodations), could be a little more though. I'd heartily recommend it. I'll be out there taking the advanced class and can arrange to look me up and pick my brain for free.


If you think you might want me then go to my website, grab the phone number and give me a call. I'm in the Hudson Valley and can travel, if I can piggy back it with one of my drafting clients in Mass might save some money. She was after me to offer a group training up in Salem at the building where her office is; but I've not decided to do that as yet.

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