Door recessed into shapped plaster wall


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I have a door that is approx. 1 1/2" recessed into a wall with a tudor arch surround.  The door itself has a straight top.  I tried adding a niche with an arch first then the door but its not working.

Any thoughts?  I have attached a picture of the actual door.  


IMG_2516 2.jpg

chief file.jpg

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You can use a Wall Material Region to cut layers from the wall and insert a wall finish for the recess.

Then use the door's Jamb depth and Inset to locate the door the desired depth in the wall.

This is a quick one I just did.

You may have to edit your wall layers as the Wall Material Region will only cut surfaces back to the main layer. ie, it will only cut finish wall layers.

New Image_110.jpg

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sorry for last reply 

try to draw a wider wall say 6" then trim each side of door select small wall

section make a 4 1/2 wall insert door use poly line draw arch over door 

(see drawing poly line arch convert to solid and enter depth)

recesed door.jpg

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