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Outside of manually creating a text block, is there a way to show the stair details on the floor plan / layout?  Specifically, i want to show tread depth (run), # of risers, riser height (rise).  It would be ideal if these details would auto-update if/when the stair gets updated.



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Have you considered a macro?




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I have custom macros for Stairs - exactly what you are asking for.

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Hadn't used macros before. That solved my problem.  Thanks


stairDetails = ""
stairDetails << "Risers: " << total_risers.to_s
stairDetails << "\nRise: " << riser_height.round(2).to_s << "\""
stairDetails << "\nRun: " << tread_depth.round(2).to_s << "\""
stairDetails << "\nOverhang: " << tread_overhang.to_s << "\""

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