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  1. I am trying to create a projection from the first floor of a house. The projection is adjacent to a lowered entrance and I want the projection wall to be flush with the edge of the lowered entrance. Unfortunately, when I do this a hole is created in the foundation wall where the entrance abuts the projection. I can 'fix' the hole by putting space (eg a railing) between the projection and the lowered entrance but this is not the design I want. I can't imagine this behavior is by design. How do I get the edge of the of the projection to line up with the edge of the lowered entrance without creating a hole in the foundation wall? Attached are 2 pictures, one showing the floor plan and exterior view with the hole and one without. Note that the lowered floor is in light yellow, to the right of the projection. I'm using CA X10 on Windows 10. Thanks
  2. Hadn't used macros before. That solved my problem. Thanks stairDetails = "" stairDetails << "Risers: " << total_risers.to_s stairDetails << "\nRise: " << riser_height.round(2).to_s << "\"" stairDetails << "\nRun: " << tread_depth.round(2).to_s << "\"" stairDetails << "\nOverhang: " << tread_overhang.to_s << "\"" stairDetails
  3. Outside of manually creating a text block, is there a way to show the stair details on the floor plan / layout? Specifically, i want to show tread depth (run), # of risers, riser height (rise). It would be ideal if these details would auto-update if/when the stair gets updated. Thanks
  4. Thanks to you both. Turns out the window / door combo were not the same height. When i created a sample to demo the problem, this time with windows and doors with casings, it become much clearer that there was a height difference. Checking the actual position would have been a simpler solution. Newbie mistake. By the way, what does DBX stand for?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to create a mulled unit (see image). But am getting the error "Opening with a non flat top cannot be mulled underneath another opening". The door and left window have already been mulled together. As far as I can tell, their top is flat. I get this error when trying to mull the window/door unit with the top window. What is the correct way to do this?