Pony Walls And Plan View Sets


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This refers to a "Bi-Level" Type house.  In this house the foundation walls are pony walls, with the lower wall being 8" Concrete and the upper portion being 2x6 Wood Framed.

What I want to do is name two different plan views for this same floor level.

The first plan view is called "Lower Walls".  I want to show the lower level interior walls, fixtures, doors, dimensions, etc.  For this plan view the lower exterior walls should be visible with the top portion of the wall shown, and the lower portion of the wall outlined.  No problem doing this.

But now the problem.

The next plan view for the lower level is called "Lower Level Foundation"  For this view I want to turn off all interior walls, fixtures, doors, dimensions etc.  Next, I want this view to show the pony wall lower wall only, i.e. the concrete portion as would show if this was not a pony wall, but a full foundation wall.

So I created the two views, copied the first view to the second, then went into the exterior walls tab, and where it gives me the options of showing the portions of the pony wall, I checked "show lower wall"  The problem is this automatically changes the view for the "Lower walls" and now both views show the same foundation walls only.  I cannot get the lower pony wall to show up only on the foundation plan view.

Do I have to go back to my old Chief V10 workaround.....create a complete separate plan, then show only the lower pony wall in that plan, and send that plan to the layout?  What am I doing wrong, because I really cannot figure out why Chief now has "plan views" and "plan view sets"  if they cannot be separated one from another.





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Is this plan like what you are trying to do?  See pages 8, 9


If so, this video at about ~19 minutes describes the process







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