ICC and Fair Use Copyright Question Answered

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I spoke with a representative of the ICC legal department yesterday. (the folks who make the IRC and other code books)


I had recently received my 2018 IRC code book and on the cover was a sticker that said I could in no way make any duplication or copy of any part of that book in any way without written permission from the ICC.....so I was asking them for written permission to copy paste code from their website (that I just joined).


I explained that the county that I am working with seems to be requiring more and more direct code language inserted into the plans on the pages they are referring to.  I explained that t I was reading the code from the book and typing it directly onto my plans. I asked her if I could get their written permission to copy and paste rather than have to type so that it would speed up my time and minimize potential typographical errors. The nice lady said that under the fair use doctrine I was allowed to copy up to five pages at a time.  This was great news!   I told her that I mostly only copied about a paragraph or two depending on what I was drawing. She said I did not need a letter from them as long as I was copying less than five pages of direct copying. 


It's nice to work with reasonable people.


Oh, and she said t that if ever I run across a code or requirement that seems odd or not something that is done typically in the industry that they welcome suggestions from people such as us in the industry on how to address that code or requirement. She said they receive all kinds of comments and suggestions and part of their job is to analyze and test these industry suggestions for possible addition in future codebook releases.

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Yep.  I've been using Dragon for mac as well.  I became frustrated with the activity of creating the same words as already exist....so I reached out to them.  Now I copy/paste and know that I'm not skirting the law.

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