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So I found that when I created a symbol set to insert into a wall it displayed correctly in Perspectives & Section/Elevations.  But in Room Elevations all I got was a hole in the wall.  After talking with Nigel at CA I learned it was because the symbol wasn't in the Room and it was hard-coded in the program and nothing could be done about it.


The problem with moving the symbol into the room so it would show in Interior Elevations meant that it was then wrong in the Plan view.


So here's my solution:

  1. Offset the Y origin the amount you want the symbol to be inserted. Generally this would be the symbol depth (-) the amount you want it to project.
  2. Set the Insert Depth to 0
  3. Set the Bounding Box Y value to just the desired projection
  4. Create and assign a new 2D Block for the plan view (just the projected amount)


This works in all 3 view types.  I've passed this on to Nigel with the suggestion that CA modify the "Create/Edit Symbol Dialog" so that the above is done automatically.  Of course, like most things in Chief we probably won't see this fix for at least 3 more releases.;):rolleyes:

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Joe, were you inserting this in the outside of the building? or what was going on- I'm confused since I've had no issue using these as interior symbol, even inserted into and exterior wall (though it was extra depth wall)

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Inserting works with the Insert Depth almost the entire depth of the Symbol.  They display correctly in Cross Section Elevations and in Perspectives.  But they don't display the symbol in "Room Elevations".  The problem only occurs if the symbol is inserted more than 1/2 its depth.


Try it for yourself.  

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