Contemporary hose wall and roof connection


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Hi there!

I am having hard time to model the attached contemporary house. I am try to model it with steel framing. It is impossible to connect wall and roof seamless.

Any advice or tutorial highly appreciated.


thank you.



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Have you tried doing the walls as a gambrel roof?

I set the pitch of the lower roof at 89 degrees (CA doesn't allow a 90 degree pitch).  You will probably have to  experiment with it a little bit and fool around with baseline, ridge, and fascia heights, but you can still come close.  Good Luck!





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16 hours ago, rlackore said:

Maybe I misunderstand the intent, but I think it can be done with normal roof planes: roof.plan




Did you do it with automatic settings?


Could you please send me the details of this set up?


thank you for your help!





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4 hours ago, Aqua76 said:


COuld you please post x8 version.


No, sorry. I'm on X10, and I don't keep previous versions of the software installed on my machine. I suggest you fill out your signature with the version of Chief you are using - that way I would have known from the start that you were running X8. Anyway, maybe these roof settings will help:



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