Import .bim file from Revit?


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Hi all,


Is it possible to import a Revit .bim file into Chief? 

My firm will begin work on a large project, but we primarily only use Chief for Interior elevations and floorplans for construction documents and permit facilitation. Our architect uses Revit and after he draws this complicated home, it would be ideal to import it into Chief so we can eliminate duplication of effort.

Any comments/thoughts/feedback are helpful, thanks!

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look under MENU - FILE - IMPORT for the various file types chief can accept


I doubt if .bim is there


Chief has very limited BIM capabilities and doesn't play well in the BIM sandbox


I have been suggesting for over a decade that Chief allow for inter-operability with other BIM apps

but no joy so far


you should contact CA's sales team and discuss your needs to ensure that they don't have a solution

as to let them know they might be "missing the boat"



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The short answer is no.  Revit and CA do not use the same mechanisms to define 3D so any 3D you would bring from Revit would come into CA as "dumb" symbols.  The method is to have the architect export to 2D dwg or dxf then import and trace to recreate in Chief.

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