terrain difficulties

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Just now, tracer said:

any suggestions? 


Please post images directly -- no need to make a PDF of an image.


Posting your plan file, or a simplified version will give others something to work with.

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1 hour ago, tracer said:

having problems with the terrain not going against terrain wall. any suggestions? 




need to draw proper contours using the terrain elevation tools such as elevation splines. Treat it as if you are building a topo map.

Butting two flat elevation regions together makes chief do exactly that, model two flat regions.

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I just looked at the images you posted, I responded based on the plan file which seems to be outdated. The terrain problem you note in our images does not exisst in the corresponding plan file

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Your plan file doesn't include any terrain. (the terrain was turned off.  I found it)  It also shows the retaining wall at the end of the garage (farthest right) while your PDF's show the retaining wall at the left edge of the garage where it abuts the house.


Couple of tips.  Create a terrain hole for the main walkout area bounded by the retaining walls  This is the simplest way to drop the terrain down to the walkout patio floor height.  Place the highest elevation point outside the wall (or 1" inside the wall) and the lowest elevation you want on the other side of the wall (or 1" inside the wall so that both points are 6" apart on an 8" wall.  This makes chief drop the elevation within the wall itself so that you don't see the terrain rolling downward. doesn't always work as good as a terrain hole, but pretty close.


Now that I could see the terrain, you needed to change the shapes of your elevation regions to create the slope following the wall angling downward - so that the terrrain lines are perpendicular to and following the elevation changes in your wall.  I just quickly drew some elevation lines -1' every 2' to match your wall slope approximately.  I created a hole over the wall and expanded it over the lower region, then used a slab on grade textured to match the terrain to make the grass butt against the lower wall.


You need to play around with it a little more to get it to your liking.


Hope this helps.




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realized terrain was attached.

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