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Hi All

I have to have a roof where the rafters are exposed.  I have followed the example in the support section but I am left a roof with the exposed plywood.  I know I can probably fix it with a polyline solid but I am wondering if there is a better way.


THanks in advance !


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      I am wondering if there is a way to have some rafters plumb cut and some square cut on the same roof plane?
      Or can I somehow take a single roof rafter and change the angle cut on the bottom, (or top for that matter).
      It would be nice if I could go to a cross section and manipulate the shape like I can with a poly line solid.
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      I cannot seem to figure out how to make this exposed gable have the same shiplap siding on it that the house has. I built the patio piece by piece using framing members and added roof planes and ceiling planes then added the gable. Now II cannot figure out how to add siding. 
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