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I am trying to create a window schedule that also shows, in addition to the program defaults:
     Net Clear Opening Width In Inches
     Net Clear Opening Height In Inches
     Net Clear Opening In Square Feet
     Overall Clear Glass Area, Square Feet
     Overall Vent Area, Square Feet

All of this information is required by our local building departments.


Also, is there a way to re-format the schedule so the window sizes show up across the top of the table and the

window information on the side:     


 Window Call Out                      30310                    3040                                 4050       etc
Net Clear Opening____I________________I___________I__________I________I_______
Net Clear Width______I________________I___________I__________I________I_______
Net Clear Height_____ I________________I___________I__________I________I_________




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You can use custom fields (Window dbx OIP) with macros for each of those.  Then you can add those fields as columns in the Window Schedule.


AFAIK, there's no way to reformat the Schedule to side-to-side vs top-to-bottom.  However, I could create a custom table showing the information in that format.  It would require a set of custom macros.

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