Importing Terrain from dwg - Lines not converting to polylines / terrain data

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I have been trying to import terrain data from a dwg. I can get the terrain perimeter to work but the topo lines will not convert to polylines even though they have shared endings.


I attached both the original dwg, and the topo layers isolated as their own file.


This has been very frustrating as I have followed all the steps in the online knowledge base but the lines will never convert to polylines when imported. Any suggestions?

Topo Layers isolated.dwg

18046D_ACAD 2010_TOPO IMPERIAL.dwg

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In X10 I am getting the same, unwanted result. Where I you, I would bring the .dwg as a block on a locked layer and then trace over the topo lines in the DWG with Chief elevation splines. Only Tech Support can address the greyed out conversion dialog absence.



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Thanks David,

For some reason I have never, not once, ever been able to properly import topo lines into chief. I hate the solution you proposed because it is SOOOOOO time consuming and tedious. However, it is a solution that I have used before and was trying to avoid.


Thank you very much for the help! I appreciate it.



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38 minutes ago, WhistlerBuilder said:

because it is SOOOOOO time consuming and tedious.


So is carefully connecting the CAD lines in a DWG only to find out that they cannot be converted to topo lines in Chief, I feel your pain and share your annoyance but in the end, I like what works versus what just wastes my time.



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My surveyor is using civil 3D 2016. The backwards saved Autocad 2010 file broke the topographic elevation lines into sections which had to be connected manually. The version saved as the most current Civil 3D 2016 saved the elevation data and "terrain perimeter" into a "0" layer when imported to Chief. This layer needed to be saved as a separate entity and broken up, then the original component layers showed up. Chief still cannot add the actual elevation values, but at least the lines are not thousands of separate entities that need to be manually connected now.

The layers for reference are:

DB_C-TINN-BNDY = terrain perimiter

DB_C-TOPO-MINR = topo minor

DB_C-TOPO-MAJR = topo major

Scale is in ft.


I would love it if someone from chief technical support could look at this. I am going to open a ticket.


ACAD 2010.dwg

Civil 3D 2016.dwg

Topo success.plan

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