exterior arched opening with railing... how do I accomplish this


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I'm trying to create a lanai on the second floor. I did this with creating an exterior wall and putting arched openings in it. but when I addd the railing piece, the arch disappears and changes the opening to the railing opening. How do I marry the two? This is for a Mediterranean style home

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On 3/27/2018 at 2:46 PM, Joe_Carrick said:

To answer the question,

  1. Create the Arched Openings
  2. Create the Railing Walls off to the side
  3. Open the Railing Walls dbx and check "No Room Definition"
  4. Move the Railing Walls into the Openings.

Thank you , I will try this, I actually found where you had created valances, I did that to start with, not sure I like the look, I'll try this next.

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