Downloading terrain data from Google or geo survey

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If you search 'Google terrain data' on this forum, you'll find several threads on that topic, but you'll be disappointed.  Some say 'not accurate enough', but no recipe for trying it out.

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Michael goes over the steps pretty well between these 2 posts...


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1 minute ago, Lorenchief said:

Thanks, Will take a look at Geoplaner.



You bet.  Its actually really easy.  The biggest question mark is how accurate it is which seems to vary a bit.  If you're pulling elevation data from Google Earth though I assume accuracy isn't really the highest priority.

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I was actually trying to use the USGS website that connects with a third party that translates their cvg files or text output files. I couldn't get it to work. Local municipal website Map Geo had good elevations but not downloadable.


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