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I have a plan drawn and now am going back to change roof/ceiling type so it is more accurate.  I read that you can build a roof and then remove the ceiling to get the effect, which I did and somehow I made it work, but now I cant replicate it.  It will be a gable roof with 8 on 12 pitch.  Room height will be 144".  In full perspective view it looks right, but when I do an elevation of the wall it appears to have a flat ceiling and in the floor camera view the top part of the wall is missing as I've shown in the pic attached.  Help would be much appreciated! :) Hope I explained enough. I don't know all the technical terms.  My husband is the builder, I just draw the cabinets... and I'm still learning.  


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11 minutes ago, sweetmelissa said:

Ok, go it...   What about the floor elevation? Should I be able to show the change in that mode? I've attached the pic where I did, but now can't.  



I'm not sure what you mean ? what is wrong with that Wall Elevation View ? ( except for Hood out the roof )  A Cross Section/Elevation will look different from a Wall Elevation , you may have the Roof Planes off in Wall Elevation but on in Cross Section/Elevation View though. Vies are all about the Active Display Options (ALDO) and what you see and don't see in any particular View.


you can use Windows Snipping Tool to take Screen Images , see my Signature for how.


The KB Article on Cathedral Ceiling just in case.



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1 minute ago, Kbird1 said:


I'm not sure what you mean ?



Sorry to be confusing.  I created this, went back and made some changes and then was unable to recreate this elevation view.  I took the pic of the screen with my phone earlier and texted it to someone which is why I have the pic.  Again, everytime I do a wall elevation it appears flat and you cant see half of the hood.  You are differentiating between elevation and wall elevation which I'm not sure what you mean.  If it's too hard to figure out what my problem is (except my obvious lack of experience), it's fine... I will keep reading and try to figure it out.  Thank you. 

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10 minutes ago, sweetmelissa said:

and then was unable to recreate this elevation view


Could you explain this? What happens, or does not happen now?


A Wall Elevation only shows the wall up to where the flat ceiling is, or would be if you have a cathedral ceiling.


You will need to use another type of elevation camera to capture the wall and attic wall above.


It's like the Floor Camera and Full Camera.


And this is important -- 


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Your version of Chief (X9, X10) (Premier, Interiors) is the important info.

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They are two different Views (cameras) , so like the Full and Floor Camera, you may see Different things or even Past the Wall in question to other parts of the house depending on the Camera placement and the BackClip Distance. which camera you use  will depend on what you want to achieve in the View.... if looking at Cabinets a Wall Elevation is Useful but sometime things like Electrical and Sloped Ceilings don't show , think of it like the Floor Camera, so use a Section Camera instead..... you may have found a Bug with the Hood the plan and let someone look....





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I added a signature for your viewing pleasure :) I was finally able to do what I was trying to do.  I created a gable roof over the room, got rid of the ceiling, then changed absolute ceiling height to be approx 5" higher than what the pitched height should be.  So, then when I created a wall elevation, it now shows it accurately.  I'll fix the hood.  Thank you for your indirect help... sorry to confuse you... which you probably still are! 


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Thanks -- you need to turn on viewing of signatures. Click on that icon under View signatures. it should show a check mark instead of an X, and will turn green.




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