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  1. I did build it as one cabinet, but when I tried to use the material painter to paint the inside, it didn't work. Opening the cabinet and adjusting the interior material worked perfectly. Thanks!
  2. Eric, you are my new favorite person!
  3. That will take forever! There are 5 sides to every cubbie! Maybe I could copy and paste, but oh my goodness. Perhaps I should just make a note!
  4. If I want the inside of the cubbies to be a wood stain, how the heck would I do that? Is it possible? I know you can do the "backs" of cabinets a different color with x12, but can I do all the sides/back? If I use shelves and partitions to build it can I do it??
  5. I understand your point. For my application in a simple bathroom, it works perfectly.
  6. I haven't had to learn about railings/half walls to this point (which is crazy since I started this a little over 2 years ago). I found a video "stacking railings to create a glass shower enclosure" which shows basic steps. Thanks for your input!
  7. Now, that I look, neither the pony wall or the shower glass/door wall is supposed to go to the ceiling... which seems logical. Back to my original problem. Don't mind me while I fumble around here!
  8. Sorry, I keep answering my own questions. Well, in case it helps anyone else... when I click on "no room moldings exterior/interior" my molding problem is solved. Whoo hoo!
  9. Actually, I've made the situation better. If I go unclick railing in the "straight glass pony wall", it extends it to the ceiling. Problem 1 solved. I still have to get rid of the crown molding.
  10. Yeeeah, but surely there's a way to adjust the height of the other, right? When I make an interior wall a pony wall and put it in place, I then have to go get rid of the crown molding it put across the top of it! Ugh.
  11. If I use the "straight glass pony wall" type in the bathroom, the glass portion doesn't go to the ceiling and I can't figure out how to adjust the overall height of the wall. I can place a regular interior wall (which goes to the ceiling automatically) but then I have to define it, make all the adjustments, etc. Anyone want to tell me how to adjust the height of the "straight glass pony wall" to save me time?! Thanks in advance.
  12. Ok, thank you both. I think I misunderstood when I read the difference between sending as plot lines or live. The live view has an option to manually update and the plot line does not, so I wasn't sure if you could even manually update it. That's how I 'll do it then when I want no color.
  13. Thanks Joey, but I'm confused. When I send a live vector view to layout it is always colored. If I check on plot lines, it isn't unless I add color fill, but from what I read that doesn't update as you make changes (though it seems to to some degree??). Do you have to change your elevation to "line drawing" to have it update automatically and not show colors? That would be fine I guess, but then I don't want to have to change the settings for the line drawing every time. I imagine there's a preference to set the defaults for the views but I couldn't quickly figure it out. I'll keep experim
  14. Do you send your elevations to layout as a vector view or line drawing? Live or plot lines? It seems like when I have darker stained/painted cabinets, details are harder to see if the views are sent as vector. I figured maybe I should just use line drawings or plot lines for everything and then add a pic of a 3d view to show some of the aesthetic details for the clients. One way seems better for clients and one for my cabinet makers. Thanks for your thoughts.