Placing window in curved wall


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Hi , Do you have the Curved Sash Option in Interiors?  Open the Windo's DBX and look on the Sash Tab for the Radio Button for Curved.


Also, it's good to have your Forum Signature filled in please, especially with the Software Version,
and of course a Name is nice too :) ..............see mine below in Blue for how to do that.
If you don't see my Signature then you have them turned off for the Forum or are perhaps on the CA Mobile WebSite.

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    @Alisa_Dorado     can't you see mine?  the instructions are there...


you should see this below the Post , if not you may have Signatures set to "Not Show"  which is under the X on the Right hand side of others posts.





Chief X5 - X10

Win10 Pro on (2) 32" BENQ BL3200PT Monitors 

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*** to fill in your Signature like this .... go up to the top RH Corner click on your UserName>Account Settings>Signature....

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      I am trying to find the best way to model a Georgian window, with an angled inset into the wall's thickness, and a window along the inner edge (see the attached image). Note that this isn't a box window - there is no "bump out" - the window is set into the wall. I thought about using a wall niche, but I do not know how to create the angle. 

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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