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  1. Yes, I can send you the file plan. It is attached. Thank you so much! In the end, I did not ray trace at all. Instead, I exported the rendered image into photoshop and manipulated the colors. She seemed much happier with that result. I attached that picture as well.
  2. It exported at 37MB, even zipped. Ran it through another compression program and it went down to 33. Any tips to get it smaller?
  3. From a pro like you, thank you! It is hard not to take harsh critiques personally and so your compliment has lifted my spirits. Those images are great at showing the difference between the different versions and I think will be a great tool in persuading the owner to upgrade. Thank you again!
  4. This is great information. Every response has literally helped me lift my head a little higher in confidence that what I've been doing is good and worth the struggle of learning it with limited direct support. And now I know that we are already using the best software and should continue to use it while upgrading our hardware to be able to handle X10. Thank you!!
  5. Thank you! I will search around and find some information to back up my requests.
  6. I saw this in the PBR thread. I'm very excited about it! I planned on requesting the upgrade but the firm is wanting to move to 2020 or AutoKitchen. I am trying to convince them to stay with Chief as it is already an investment that they've made and it can do everything and more than the other programs can do. At the end of the day, CA is a tool and training and learning is the main key to getting renderings exactly, or almost exactly as they want.
  7. Yes/ Haha they are. I toned some of the shadows down in the ray trace views so they're not so strong. But still too much for her taste. I will turn all shadows off and slowly add them back to control the intensity
  8. She is difficult. I have to pull and pry information from her. After years of working together, I finally found out that she doesn't like shadows. She thinks since she doesn't know the program she can't tell me "what to do". I'm looking through other posts to find more tips.
  9. Thank you. I have X9 and would need approval from the owner of the firm to order X10. I have been following that thread and have incorporated some of the techniques discussed. I thought my renderings looked amazing but the designer said they were awful.
  10. I've been using chief since 2015, completely self-taught with the webinars and youtube videos. But I can't seem to master the renderings. The designer I work with wants the renderings to look amazing, knock your socks off. She doesn't like the shadows, or how the light reacts to the material finishes. She wants the cabinet finish to look exactly like the cabinet finish in real life, she wants metal finishes to look exactly like metal finishes in real life. I exported the file of the most recent drawing and rendering. I've also included screenshots of my rendering presets and final renderings. I honestly have no idea how to make these renderings look exactly the same as they would in real life. In my opinion, that isn't possible. But maybe it is? Please help, I need tips, advice or information to give her about the limitations of the software. Thanks Untitled
  11. Is there an easy way to insert undercabinet lighting? Thanks!