Converting a plan created in Suite 2018 to Post and Beam framing and finishing roof design

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I created the attached plan in 2018. Found out that CA Premier was the only version that could do post and beam framing. Wondering if it's possible for one of you CA Premier users to convert my plan to post and beam. I'm also having issues creating an offset gable roof. Trying to get a single roof plane over entire structure but plan keeps generating one roof over the first floor and another over the second. My goal is to create a hybrid using post and beam for the first floor and standard wall framing for the second in an attempt to save money. Ideally, exposed timber trusses would support the roof over the first floor. The entire second story floor would be supported by I joists boxed in to look like beams or possibly 8x8 beams. I'm located in Northern Michigan.

2017 new home layout 10.dxf

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You would need to post the .plan file here while HD is closed , the .dxf is not so useful , unless using Autocad , eg the Engineer may use it.





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Just an FYI....there is no "convert to post & beam" tool. The plan will need some re-working most likely.

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