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I am wondering if there is a way for when automatic dimensions are turned on if there is a way to adjust where the dimension arrows go. We are trying to get it to where it'll be from outside the drywall to the next outside drywall and so on. I will include a picture on what I am trying to explain. For the exterior wall, it is starting on the far outside left and then stops after the first drywall rather than going to the outside of that exterior room's drywall. 


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Have you reviewed the defaults for automatic dimensions?

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It sounds like you are Wanting the Exterior Auto Dims to locate the Interior ...not what they were really designed for but you can move the Locating points as needed. !st set the Auto Dims Defaults to Surfaces and both sides of Interior walls , you will need to relocate the locion pont each end as it will automatically find the Surace of the Exterior Finish.




So click on the Dimension line and you should see a Red Edit handle (diamond) appear over the projection line where it hits the Exterior Wall , so drag that Red point to the Drywall Surface on the Opposite Wall  (see pics.)  You may get a message about making the Dims Manual not Automatic anymore if you do this though...and th will no longer Auto Refresh I believe , so do this at the End if needed and you still have Changes to make.




Chief has 15-20 Videos on Dimension too assuming you have SSA


Also, it's good to have your Forum Signature filled in please, especially with the Software Version,
and of course a Name is nice too :) ..............see mine below in Blue for how to do that.




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