attaching stairs to framing

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I have drawn a 2 x 10 manually & would like the top of the 2x10 to be at 8 which i have accomplised in the settings'. The top thread would be down 7 3/8 from the top of the 2x10 is this possible to do , and if so what settings would i play with

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Are you trying to Draw a Stringer ? I assume so.....


easiest way is to Draw a Chief Staircase , Open the DBX and set everything the sizes you need eg the 7 3/8 Riser Height , then take a Cross Section through the Staircase , and using the CAD Line Tool copy over the Outline of the Stringer in the Elevation View , once the CAD lines join up, you can Convert the Polyline to a Polyline Solid and apply the thickness (1-1/2"?) and the desired Material  ( eg Treated 2x ) and then Convert it to a Solid , and move it , copy it etc , to where-ever you need.


I'll attach my practice plan...done in X10






Stair Stringer Plan.plan

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