x10 reflection option gone in material class!!!

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So I'm a bit upset with this new update. Maybe someone can help me here, but have they removed the reflection option from the material class? One of the greatest features CA had when it came to ray trace rendering was the ability to add a reflection to any material. I found it handy for adding to granite countertops, floors, and even backsplashes etc. for ultimate lighting/realistic photo quality renderings.  I just installed the beta x10, and went to material definition as I always do before a ray trace... and come to find out NO reflection category at all now. While there still is a mirror setting, shiny metal, and polished category, there is no longer the ability to adjust the reflection of a material manually without changing to a metal or mirror preset (which normally turns everything black). The new physical based rendering does seem to add a reflection to a few materials such as granite countertops, however its extremely upsetting that I no longer have the ability to adjust manually.. Please CA bring this back or I will be stuck using x9 and losing out on all the new features, or please explain what I can do to have the reflection option back. Thanks...

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (4).png

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Here are the differences between the x9 ray trace and x10 ray trace. Using same exact settings, aside from the reflection option. Seems like lighting is wonky and not as bright as well. And I've lost many of my great shadows... Seems as if the quick preset for ray tracing is gone as well, only HQ options.

ray trace 1.tif

x10 ray trace.tif

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They are aware of the Issues and are working on it , but many of the Materials are currently being updated to work properly with the New PBR ( Physical Based Rendering) View Type.

It's a good Idea to Update your Catalogs a couple of times a week at the moment to get any updates.


All 3D views now use RCSS (Ray Casted Sun Shadows) to so you may find the CPU working harder to keep up as these new Shadows are RT Based , but can be disabled in either the Camera Views Defaults or in the Camera View itself.




More Info Here :



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Thank you for your reply! I hope they can address this issue, ray traces look horrible compared to x9. No definition in countertop material as well as shadows and lighting reflection missing. As for the RCSS, the cpu working harder for me is no concern. I'm running a Ryzen threadripper along side a GTX 1080Ti... So hardware should be no issue at all for the new features

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