Extra lines in elevation when changing material

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I know many have had the problem of extra lines showing in elevation views. I think I get them showing up in every single project. 


While working on a project in X10 beta I could orbit around the house and noticed that these extra lines were showing at every single corner. I turned off textures for clarity. (See image sample 1)


I tried changing different wall and roof settings. I noticed that if I use the wall material that is specified in the "Wall Type Definitions" the extra lines would disappear. (See image sample 2)


Now if I change the wall material with the material painter, which I had always done before, the extra lines return. 


But, if I instead change the material in the "Wall Type Definitions" the extra lines do not show and everything seems to display correctly. (See image sample 3)


I will keep working and see if these extra lines don't reappear, but at present this seems to have fixed the problem for me. 


Please let me know if this solves the problem for you or if you have found a better solution.


sample 1.jpg

sample 2.jpg

sample 3.jpg

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Painting walls instead of using the Wall Definition to Change it often causes Issues, especially on the Exterior, as you have noticed , I think it is because Chief only wraps the outer most layer around the end of the wall and you then get z-fighting and the "see through effect" ( stud line showing ) since you maybe only wrapping a 0" thickness of paint around the end for example instead of a 1/2 thick Stucco or Siding.


Nice Sig. ;)



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