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I was just reviewing an old post and someone at Chief mentioned the possibility of importing LIVE TEXT since version X7. I've never seen this and can't find any other information on the forums or Chief Help & Resources board. Is this possible?


Also, while I was looking for an answer I was looking at the LINK PANEL (attached). Has anyone used this for some interesting work arounds. You could use it to automatically link to, and open a stored database of MS Word keynotes or specs, so you can quickly copy and paste into the text portion of the Text Dialogue Box. I'm sure Michael or Joe have done something really cool with this.



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The way I use the LINK is to directly open a text file or web page in the appropriate app.  This allows me to edit the text file or copy/paste from the web as needed.

It's really just a way to access data from another source.  It doesn't directly put that data in the text box.


However, since I use macros to read text files and then use the contents - the LINK allows me to modify the contents of those files which results in the macros being able to instantly update with the modified file content.


With a web page, I can get installation instructions, specs, etc from the product and paste that into my plan (CAD Detail Window)

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Thanks Joe. I was hoping there was a use for the LINK and possibly some LIVE TEXT feature that didn't require Macros. I'm still having trouble finding the time to learn Ruby, blach.

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1 minute ago, CARMELHILL said:

I'm still having trouble finding the time to learn Ruby, blach.

While Ruby isn't too difficult to learn, it takes some time - probably too much for the average Chief user.  Just figure out what you need and have me or Michael provide you with the needed functionality.  Some things aren't possible for a variety of reasons, but most things are and since we've either done them or something similar it's not too difficult to accommodate your needs.


Neither of us want to do this free - but the fee we charge is way less than your time is worth.

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