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Problem with puck lights on top of cabinets

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I'm trying to use a library part to create indirect lighting (Architectural>Lighting>Cabinet>Puck Above Cabinet). Unfortunately, there don't seem to be alternative products to show continuous indirect lighting, i.e., LED strip lighting. Placed the pucks and verified with a section view that they were where I wanted them. I then opened a camera view, and it showed the fixtures had attached themselves to the ceiling above. The elevation view doesn't show the fixtures. Have attached the section and the quick ray trace I created. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Thank you!

M Bathroom Indirect Lights - Problem .pdf

Problem with puck lights.jpg

M Bathroom Indirect Lights .pdf

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Hi Diane, are you sure that the lights aren't there?

Try taking a camera view of the top of the cabinets.

It looks to me like what you are seeing is the light

shining on the ceiling. By default those puck lights

are set to Spot lights. Try changing them to Point

lights and backing the Intensity way down (like to

about 5%). In the attached image the cabinets on

the right have Spot lights on the top and on the

cabinet on the left they have been changed to Point




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