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  1. Thank you! I looked at the ORSC online and realized that I need a hard copy, so purchased the pdf from for $90. It has all the information I need, including sections that I can download into my plan! It's a good investment for the future (until the codes change). Right now, all I need is Part 3, only 58 pages. Now I can read and re-read it, highlight pertinent information and move forward! Thank you, again! Diane
  2. I'm creating an ADU/addition for family members to care for aging parents, and need to include fire walls, including the floor up to the roof. Does anyone have details for a one-hour fire wall that I can purchase? Please let me know. Thank you for your help!
  3. I'm trying to use a library part to create indirect lighting (Architectural>Lighting>Cabinet>Puck Above Cabinet). Unfortunately, there don't seem to be alternative products to show continuous indirect lighting, i.e., LED strip lighting. Placed the pucks and verified with a section view that they were where I wanted them. I then opened a camera view, and it showed the fixtures had attached themselves to the ceiling above. The elevation view doesn't show the fixtures. Have attached the section and the quick ray trace I created. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Thank you! M Bathroom Indirect Lights - Problem .pdf M Bathroom Indirect Lights .pdf
  4. My clients have selected bathroom mirrors with led lighting around the edge that eliminates the need for sconces. How can I show these? I've been working on it for several hours today, and nothing looks good. Tried just adding lights, but it doesn't give the glow around the edge in virtual-reality that I'd like to show them. Tried adding resized sconces behind the mirror, but that didn't work. Thought about using strip lighting that I use under wall cabinets for task light, but don't know how to change the orientation. Hope that someone has figured this out and can share how I can do it. Thank you!
  5. I'm designing a custom cabinet to hide a flat-screen TV, and want to include bifold doors, partially open to show the TV. Does Chief Architect have anything in its extensive library, or has anyone developed a custom part? Thanks so much!
  6. Decided to jump into discussions on the forum, recommended by Chief Architect recently. I'm waffling about going to the UGM; it's a big commitment of money and time. I'm a very shy person, especially when I'm in a group of "techies," and don't like to travel. Wish there could be a way of attending the classes without going! Really appreciate your honest input. Thanks!

  7. I find it very useful in bathrooms to attach wall sconce fixtures to cabinet sides. When I try to do this with my X8 Chief, I can not get the light fixture to attach. Can this be done? Running Chief Architect X8 on a PC with Windows 10. 8-core processor, 16 gigs ram, gaming video card, etc....
  8. Just updated from x6 to x7. Imagine my surprise to get an error message about a drive not available instead of getting my plan on screen. Support says, "we've never supported saving to a network." It's my risk, it's my work flow. My work system has a small SSD, and I always have saved my plans to the NAS that gets backed up every night. Now, I can't open my plans without moving them to my local drive, which can only hold a couple projects at a time. Has anybody found a workaround for this? thanks jay plesset .
  9. Thank you, everyone, for your comments and recommendations! I'm in the process of checking out all of the links that were sent. C.A. has a great group of users, willing to share experience and knowledge. I appreciate both! Already, Chief Architect is easier to use than Archicad was.
  10. I've been trying to learn Chief Architect. Frustrated and discouraged. Nothing seems to be working! The online tutorials go too fast, and when I pause and back up, they go back too far. Is there a written resource (or a resource that I can print) that will help me learn CA step-by-step? I abandoned Archicad after 15 years to learn/use Chief Architect, and I don't want to make the same mistakes. Thank you for your help.