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    Fire Break Wall Between Existing Home and New ADU

    Thank you! I looked at the ORSC online and realized that I need a hard copy, so purchased the pdf from for $90. It has all the information I need, including sections that I can download into my plan! It's a good investment for the future (until the codes change). Right now, all I need is Part 3, only 58 pages. Now I can read and re-read it, highlight pertinent information and move forward! Thank you, again! Diane
  2. I'm creating an ADU/addition for family members to care for aging parents, and need to include fire walls, including the floor up to the roof. Does anyone have details for a one-hour fire wall that I can purchase? Please let me know. Thank you for your help!
  3. DesignPro-Diane

    Install wall sconces to cabinet sides

    I find it very useful in bathrooms to attach wall sconce fixtures to cabinet sides. When I try to do this with my X8 Chief, I can not get the light fixture to attach. Can this be done? Running Chief Architect X8 on a PC with Windows 10. 8-core processor, 16 gigs ram, gaming video card, etc....
  4. I'm trying to use a library part to create indirect lighting (Architectural>Lighting>Cabinet>Puck Above Cabinet). Unfortunately, there don't seem to be alternative products to show continuous indirect lighting, i.e., LED strip lighting. Placed the pucks and verified with a section view that they were where I wanted them. I then opened a camera view, and it showed the fixtures had attached themselves to the ceiling above. The elevation view doesn't show the fixtures. Have attached the section and the quick ray trace I created. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Thank you! M Bathroom Indirect Lights - Problem .pdf M Bathroom Indirect Lights .pdf
  5. DesignPro-Diane

    Backlit vanity mirror

    My clients have selected bathroom mirrors with led lighting around the edge that eliminates the need for sconces. How can I show these? I've been working on it for several hours today, and nothing looks good. Tried just adding lights, but it doesn't give the glow around the edge in virtual-reality that I'd like to show them. Tried adding resized sconces behind the mirror, but that didn't work. Thought about using strip lighting that I use under wall cabinets for task light, but don't know how to change the orientation. Hope that someone has figured this out and can share how I can do it. Thank you!
  6. DesignPro-Diane

    Cabinet bifold doors

    This is great! I'll give it a try!
  7. DesignPro-Diane

    Cabinet bifold doors

    I'm designing a custom cabinet to hide a flat-screen TV, and want to include bifold doors, partially open to show the TV. Does Chief Architect have anything in its extensive library, or has anyone developed a custom part? Thanks so much!
  8. Decided to jump into discussions on the forum, recommended by Chief Architect recently. I'm waffling about going to the UGM; it's a big commitment of money and time. I'm a very shy person, especially when I'm in a group of "techies," and don't like to travel. Wish there could be a way of attending the classes without going! Really appreciate your honest input. Thanks!

  9. DesignPro-Diane

    CA no longer allows plans on a network?

    Just updated from x6 to x7. Imagine my surprise to get an error message about a drive not available instead of getting my plan on screen. Support says, "we've never supported saving to a network." It's my risk, it's my work flow. My work system has a small SSD, and I always have saved my plans to the NAS that gets backed up every night. Now, I can't open my plans without moving them to my local drive, which can only hold a couple projects at a time. Has anybody found a workaround for this? thanks jay plesset .
  10. DesignPro-Diane

    Help! A-Z Resources For A Beginner?

    I've been trying to learn Chief Architect. Frustrated and discouraged. Nothing seems to be working! The online tutorials go too fast, and when I pause and back up, they go back too far. Is there a written resource (or a resource that I can print) that will help me learn CA step-by-step? I abandoned Archicad after 15 years to learn/use Chief Architect, and I don't want to make the same mistakes. Thank you for your help.
  11. DesignPro-Diane

    Help! A-Z Resources For A Beginner?

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments and recommendations! I'm in the process of checking out all of the links that were sent. C.A. has a great group of users, willing to share experience and knowledge. I appreciate both! Already, Chief Architect is easier to use than Archicad was.