Advanced Symbol Manipulation Tips: Mitered glass bay window

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Here's a video going over some advanced symbol manipulation techniques--in this case, used to model a mitered glass bay window...




There are quite a few variations, optional steps, and other ways a person could model this kind of thing, but I wanted to share at least a small number of the tools and techniques that I personally find invaluable for this type of thing.  Hopefully some of you guys will be able to appreciate them as much as I do.


As always, if you find this or any of my other videos valuable and helpful, please consider sending a small donation my way.  A quick thumbs up or reputation point is always appreciated as well : )  Thanks for your support guys.

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I don't know what to say? Dude, you are so far out there

that I'm going need a telescope to keep up. I'd like to say

that I followed the whole process, but it's going to take

more than one shot to digest all that material. I'm going

to have to let that sink in for a while and then take another

look. Thanks for making me feel so inadequate. :)


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