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Anyone have a solution for this condition?  Creating custom 3D Moldings (like for a frieze board) - - the transition from a gable (angled) end to an eave ('flat') piece.. If you use two moldings the gable overhangs too far (runs past the eave).  If you have one molding and turn the corner/change the angle, the profiles don't match up. 


I know you can do a solid to make it work, but that is a bit of a pain and makes the plan file bigger fast.



3D Molding.plan


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How would you build that detail in real life?

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    • By rosiebeauginger
      I would like assistance trouble shooting a couple spots on my roof.  
      1. South west corner of dining room the frieze is not connecting.
      2. South (attic?) wall of front porch not generating correctly. 
      3. South parapet wall of RV garage not displaying full soffit/molding.  
      Plan is in the zip file. I would greatly appreciate any input. Thank you.

    • By djhplanning
      I don't want this frieze trim on the house wall.  Anyone know how to keep this frieze molding from automatically rebuilding?  I keep deleting manually it but it keeps showing up.  I've tried deleting it, unchecking the "frieze molding on selected edge", I have auto rebuild roofs off in the roof dialog setup, auto rebuild roofs is off in defaults.  What am I missing?

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      I'm working on a file that I received from a builder and I can not figure why the frieze texture pattern is displayed differently from eaves to gables.  This usually doesn't happen on my default files.  I'm wondering if maybe there is a setting that I'm not aware of that is causing this that he has set in this file.
      Anyone know why this is happening like this?

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      I am having some trouble with a seemingly simple issue.  Not getting frieze boards to show up consistently..mostly on gable ends.  I am sure it is a simple fix but have not been able to pin it down.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  See attached plan file done in X6/64bit.
      Michael Dolce AIA Architect