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Please post images directly. No need to make a PDF of an image.


I noticed many of your default settings do not match the model. Defaults are important and often the program uses them in ways we may not understand, so it's important to set them prior to drawing.


You changed the siding under materials, but it should be set here.




The default exterior wall is also set to Full Gable, which should probably not be checked.


The first floor ceiling height does not match the defaults.


I always suggest auto building the roof, at least to start, as it generally does a better job.

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The Roof planes over the one story section are cutting thru the Upper story Wall, pull them back out of the wall , you may need to open the Roof Panel's DBX and check "no special snapping" to do this as that upper wall is broken into 3 sections and should really be one , that can be fixed easily by dragging either the top or bottom section of wall over the other pieces so it becomes one wall again. You will likely have to "fix" the 3D view to get all the siding the correct colour , as Eric said your default is blue siding not the champagne.


Pictures can be easily add to a post with the (Windows) Snipping Tool in Accessories , I have it added to my taskbar for quick access, just drag out a selection around the issues and save the capture to your desktop and then drag the capture into the light grey area in the reply box

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