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  1. I get it now. . Thank you robdyck.
  2. Will try it tomorrow. Thank you so much for responding
  3. I need to create a roof overhang with no fascia like this picture, but unlike this picture I need a flat soffit. My manipulation of the roof under Roof: Structure has gotten me close but I can't quite get it. What should my settings be? I am using x13. Thanks, Judy
  4. It does look that way, but wasn't the problem. It was because I had not removed the house roof overhang in the area of the new screened porch. Strange but true!
  5. The plan file was too big to post and when I went to create a simple version I figured it out. It had to do with the roof. Thanks anyway.
  6. Never had this problem until X11. My porch railings have double posts near the house wall. No post at wall is checked tried it both ways). Tried changing the spacing between posts...either gets rid of both or has two.
  7. Thanks for your help! Much appreciated.
  8. Using X9. I have attached a zipped plan and a view of the problem. I have tried changing the wall under the roof tab but to no avail. I have this problem often. Can anyone tell me what I need to change? Wall Issue.zip Wall Issue.pdf
  9. For others who may have this problem. It was caused by my Video Driver . Had to roll back to a previous version until that company repairs the glitch.
  10. Won't do that on mine! You're making me jealous! Do you think that means it's my computer?
  11. Label Issue.zipLabel Issue.zipLabel Issue.zipLabel Issue.zipWhen I click on "label" in the window specification box, it won't open. If I click above or below it and then try to scroll up or down to it ... it jumps over "label". I opened some of my other plans and they are now doing the same thing. Shut down and restarted. Still doing. I did just have a Dell bios update?? Otherwise, not sure what could be causing this problem. Any ideas for me? Label Issue.zip