Roofing Sq. Ft.

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13 minutes ago, waltercruse said:

yes, on the model I have drawn it shows 5169 in the count column (is that 51.69 sq. ft.)


Look a little further to the right in your material list and I think you'll find your answer but in short, NO...that is Five-thousand-one-hundred-sixty-nine square feet.  I assume what you are wanting to ask is this...


"Is there a way to get shingles to report as squares (where one square is equal to 100 square feet) instead of square feet?"


If that is the question you meant to ask then yes.  You just need to create a new unit of measurement called a square.  You can do this in Preferences under Unit Conversion.  Start there and then report back if you need further guidance.

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Or simply divide by 100 = 51.69 Sq and round up to 52 squares of roofing. I wouldn't personally take the time to create a new unit but kind of cool to know you can and how to do it. 

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